Are you eligible for our specialist disability housing?

If you have very high support needs, you may require special accommodation that enables you to receive the help you need to live comfortably and independently.


Are you eligible for our specialist disability housing?

If you have very high support needs, you may require special accommodation that enables you to receive the help you need to live comfortably and independently.

We’re a Sydney-based team, led by Tino Carusi, with decades of experience building housing to support people’s dream lifestyles. Drawing on personal experience of family members living with disability, we bring integrity, empathy, support and a deep understanding of your needs when it comes to disability-friendly accommodation in Sydney.

Faye Minty

An accomplished leader of not-for-profit and private organisations, Faye Minty has a genuine passion for the disability housing sector. Her extensive experience working with people with disability and as a past CEO of a Community Housing Organisation, ensures our tenants are always at the centre of all decision-making when it came to their tenancy arrangements, the level and type of support they received and from whom they receive it.

Faye has a deep respect for the human and tenancy rights of people living with a disability. She is a strong advocate for the separation of housing provision from support arrangements.

Faye’s hands on work experience is underpinned by a Degree in Applied Science (Land Economics), with additional studies in Housing Management, Leadership, Team Development and Training.

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Tino Carusi

Tino Carusi has a long history in the property sector, from building his first duplex in Quakers Hill at the age of 21 to developing larger scale apartment complexes throughout Sydney. Tino founded Enliven Housing because he saw the opportunity to create an investment portfolio that has a positive social impact for people with disability. He backed this up with the establishment of a not for profit foundation – Enliven Community – aimed at sharing information and community linkages for people with disability, to support them to make informed decisions with regard to their housing options.

Tino holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Degree and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Macquarie University and, in addition to his property development background, has a 20 year history of creating high performing business units in manufacturing, technology and healthcare sectors within North America and Asia Pacific regions. Tino has held senior management and executive positions while serving several ASX100 Companies

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Who we help

We provide SDA registered housing for people who are assessed as requiring:

High Physical Support



We lease apartments to people with disability so you can live independently in a Community Cooperative. Shared housing is no longer the only option for people with disability. As our tenant, you can choose to share with someone, if that’s what you want.

SDA funding eligibility means our tenants can afford to rent a home of their own, in a location they like – close to the things that are important to them, like restaurants, theatres, shops, transport and work.

Potential tenants don’t have to be fully independent to live alone; the NDIA also funds personal support, community access and assistive technology to enable participants to live in a home of your own, safely and confidently. Our apartments are fully accessible and are provisioned to support the installation of intelligent technology that ensures that on-site support staff are always contactable.

How a Community Cooperative works

Our tenants commit to being part of a Community Cooperative when they move in.

Being part of a Cooperative provides members with an opportunity to share some support, but complete freedom of choice over other supports you engage.

Membership of the Cooperative is based on a shared need for overnight emergency and unplanned support, to be available to members whenever they are home. The Cooperatives are generally limited to 10 members.

The provider of shared support is based on-site in a separate apartment located within the complex. We refer to this shared support provider as the On Site Support.

Potential tenants need to have, or be eligible to have, Assistive Technology, SDA and On Site Support funding in their NDIS plan to be eligible for a tenancy with Enliven Housing and to be a member of the Cooperative.


Why we exist

We’re here to make a difference in the specialist disability accommodation niche. Combined with our Enliven Community Services arm, we believe we can provide homes that allow the same choices, control, opportunities for social connection, skills development and financial benefit that the broader community enjoys. Our values are clear and inform all our actions and decisions.



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