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From Obstacles to Independence: Sue’s SDA Success Story

Published - 06/19/2024
Author - Enliven Housing

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Sue’s story is a powerful reminder of how the right support and accommodation can unlock new possibilities and independence, enabling Australians with disability to live the life they want to live.

For 35 years, Sue lived independently in her own home doing her best to manage her MS diagnosis. However, she consistently faced a significant obstacle – her bathroom.

“I couldn’t structurally change my bathroom and so that became very life-limiting. So I needed to apply for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding,” Sue explains. With the help of her Support Coordinator, and Enliven, Sue embarked on a journey that would change her life.

Alongside her furry companion, Teskey, Sue now lives in an Enliven SDA apartment that is fully accessible and customised to suit her needs, so she can live the independent life she’s always wanted. 

“I can actually move in this space. I have room to get through the doors, I have room to access things without damaging walls. I’ve got space here; I have a life,” Sue shares.

“My life has just changed. I feel like I’m actually living now. Before I didn’t realise I wasn’t living, I was just going through the motions,” she explains. The new space provided her with the freedom to move around without obstacles. Sue’s transition to SDA housing gave her the choice and control to live life how she wanted.

One of the most significant changes for Sue was the overnight support. “I have the ongoing overnight support team who can put me to bed at night, which means I don’t have curfew. I don’t have to be home for a carer,” she says.

This newfound independence extended beyond her home, thanks to the convenient location. “The tram can get me into town in 20 minutes, so I can go out and come home and stay out. I don’t have to negotiate anything or deal with taxis being on time or not turning up.”

Sue’s new living situation also gave her a sense of belonging thanks to Enliven’s Community Cooperative. This innovative program is a key part of our dedication to fostering a supportive environment. It aims to optimise your NDIS Core Support budget by facilitating connections with fellow residents who receive SDA funding, creating a network of mutual support.

Reflecting on her journey, Sue is thankful for everyone she’s worked with along the way including Enliven Housing.

“I just want to thank Enliven for everyone that’s pulled together to get me here and to settle me in so nicely. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. The process, the kindness of the staff, you know, I found everyone is kind. Everyone is trying to help you. I think that’s the culture of the organisation – that’s their underlying ethos. It’s absolutely life changing.”

If Sue’s story resonates with you or someone you know, don’t wait to make a change. Contact Enliven today to learn more about our tailored SDA housing solutions and take the first step towards a more independent and fulfilling life. Your journey to independent living starts here.


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