About us

Enliven Community is a philanthropic initiative funded by property investor and developer Tino Carusi founder of Enliven Housing.


Philanthropy as defined by Wikipedia as ‘the love of humanity’; is commonly understood to mean private funding to produce a public good, with a focus on quality of life outcomes. This perfectly aligns with Enliven Community’s mission and intent.


How Enliven came about

Tino was looking for an opportunity to make a difference when he identified a growing demand for Specialist Disability Accommodation under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Having experienced a family member living with disability, he saw a gap in the system: a lack of resources to help make informed choices when choosing housing with the right fit. His only  advice was coming from housing providers, therefore frank, honest impartiality was hard to find.

He wanted to see people with disability access housing pathways that would allow the same choices and control, the same opportunities for social connection, skills development and financial benefit that the broader community enjoys.

In January 2019, Enliven Community was born with the appointment of Enliven Community CEO, Faye Minty, who brings 16 plus years’ experience working in organisations providing housing for people with disability. Faye believes the provision of quality housing alongside person-centred tenancy management, and tenancy support is fundamental to the well-being of people with disability.

Tino made this service free to use, so log on or dial up for a chat…it costs nothing but is worth a great deal in a sector on the crest of seismic change.

Enliven is a not-for-profit, on a mission to change the way people with disability think about their housing options.