What we do

Enliven provides information for people with disability who are seeking to explore their independent living options.

We host workshops and information sessions, you, your families, guardians, and support networks can attend to hear about some of the housing options available for you to explore, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. If your goal is to live in your own home, be it in community housing, public housing, private rental or in a home you are purchasing or own, Enliven Australia will help you get the information you need to make an informed choice.

Our approach

We know housing, and appreciate the nuances of different needs.

We are a free, independent service
We are passionate about rights for people living with disabilities
We respect that you know what’s best for you

Our strategic goals

Support People with Disability and their Support Networks to:

Understand and act on opportunities to exercise choice and control over their housing options
Identify which housing option best aligns with their goals
Access information on housing available for them
Develop their skills to navigate the NDIS to secure their preferred housing option
Develop their skills to identify what they want and need from their housing provider and tenancy manager
Be informed about what the SDA Funding pays for, and what it does not

Promote Good Housing Outcomes for People with Disability by:

Sharing our knowledge, research, thoughts and ideas
Helping housing providers understand what people with disability want and need from their tenancy managers, and how this is changing in the NDIS context
Making an evidenced-based contribution to discussions on the design and development of housing for people with disability
Growing housing options for people with disability by supporting developers to understand the demand aspect of the SDA market: the where, who, when and what
Influencing change by advocating for people with disability and providing advice and consultation to government policy makers