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Not all SDA providers are the same. At Enliven Housing, our specialists work alongside you right throughout the SDA journey - from design to tenancy, so you're always at the centre of the decision-making process.

Our unique disability housing model is set up so that you can achieve your independent living goals while receiving all the support you need.


Why our SDA model is best for you

We build and lease quality disability housing throughout Australia.

Our accessible housing apartments are scattered throughout medium to large-size property developments in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide. All of our disability housing apartments are in desirable locations near transport, medical facilities, shopping centres and entertainment.

We usually have 10 specialist disability housing apartments in each building and one additional apartment for the on-site Support Hub.

We can tailor each apartment to your needs with smart technology and home automation to help you live independently.

We build our apartments to the highest SDA standard in the categories of:

  • Improved Liveability
  • Fully Accessible
  • High Physical Support.

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The Enliven Housing Difference


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How our model helps you live your best independent life


Community cooperative

When you move into an Enliven Housing apartment, you join the Community Cooperative.

The Cooperative helps you share some of your supports with other members of the Cooperative to make your NDIS funding go further.

Some participants use our unique Community Cooperatives to make sure they have access to 24/7 on-site support. Others use their funding to help them have support at the times they need it and not the times they don't.


The Support Hub

The Support Hub is the on-site apartment for the Shared On-site Support Provider (SOSP) to operate out of. You can access the Hub via smart technology in your apartment, or you can visit the Hub in person.

To make it viable for a support provider to staff the Hub 24/7, tenants need to commit to sharing the cost.

You can use the Support Hub for all or some of your support, but you must use the Hub for the minimum time that the Community Cooperative agrees to purchase.


Friendly landlord model

Our friendly landlord style of tenancy management sets us apart from other disability housing providers.

Our tenant-centred approach focuses on sustaining tenancies with a commitment to tenant skills development.

We make tenancy decisions with an awareness of what support people with disability might need.

We're committed to long-term relationships with our tenants and we'll will work with you and your support networks to achieve your independent living goals.


Assistive Technology (AT)

We partner with SDA Assistive Technology to ensure apartments are technologically customised to suit the your individual needs - ultimately creating a home environment conducive to long-term independent living. For example, we can setup Amazon Alexa smart home technology to enable voice command automation for blinds and lighting, so you have greater control over basic functions of daily living.

Frequently asked questions

Enliven Housing provides luxury apartment-style living within a vibrant village setting. Our apartments include both one and two-bedroom units that are integrated into multi-unit developments. This means that the SDA units are located on different floors and in various areas of the building, potentially making your neighbours a diverse mix of individuals from the community.

The separation of these two functions offers you the freedom to choose where you want to live and who provides the support for your daily living needs. If you have concerns related to either your housing provider or your support provider, rest assured that raising these concerns will not impact the delivery of the other support.

Enliven Housing specialises in housing and tenancy services exclusively, not personal support. We collaborate closely with our tenants and their chosen support providers to ensure the achievement of stable housing, effective support arrangements, and an improved quality of life.

Our tenancy model at Enliven Housing entails tenants becoming members of a Cooperative, and actively engaging with the Onsite Support Provider.

The Cooperative plays a key role in making this decision. Tenants who are moving into the complex collectively determine the provider for onsite shared support, the extent to which supports will be shared, the method of sharing, and the individual contribution of each tenant to the arrangement. Enliven Housing will offer support to the Cooperative in exploring available options and formalising these arrangements.

In addition to your rent, you'll be responsible for covering various utility expenses, including:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Phone (if not bundled with the ISP)

Also, you'll need to furnish and equip your home and budget for expenses such as food, toiletries, cleaning products, consumables, and medicines. Your contribution toward rent will be calculated as 25% of your Disability Support Pension, 25% of your Pension Supplement, along with the full amount of Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

What sets us apart from other providers is our "Blended Model" of support. While most providers typically offer only one SDA design category per apartment, we take it a step further. The majority, if not all, of our apartments are designed to accommodate all three SDA categories. This means we can provide you with flexible support across multiple areas without any restrictions or limitations.

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