Our design philosophy

From carefully selecting the right location to overseeing the management of the build, at Enliven Housing our Design team specialise in delivering premium SDA apartments to create long-term liveability, so you can live your best independent life.


How we choose our SDA apartments

We follow a very simple yet extremely successful formula for selecting our apartments that ensures our tenants have the best chance of achieving all their independent living goals.



Location is the most important characteristic for residential real-estate buyers and participants looking for SDA location are no different. We firmly believe that if you follow where buyers want to live, you will have very happy tenants.



When we speak about amenities, we are interested in amenities on-site such as roof-top terraces with break-out areas and common areas where owners and tenants can enjoy spaces outside of their apartments. Walking distance from shops, cafes, libraries etc, all contribute to making a location more desirable. Good amenities increases independence.


Apartment size

Frequently, we locate a wonderful suburb but the size and location of the apartments within a development does not meet our accessibility and manoeuvrability requirements. An apartments size and functionality is always a critical criteria for the Enliven Housing design team when designing an SDA apartment.



A property near accessible and user-friendly public transport can also reduce a participant's reliance on core support funding and reduce a participants transport budget. Transport is important to everyone, to efficiently get you where you need to go.

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We go above and beyond the SDA standards

At Enliven Housing, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality SDA apartments to create long-term liveability for more Australians with disability. In order to do so, we not only comply with the NDIS SDA Design Standards, but we take it one step further and ensure every aspect of your home is as functional as possible.

For example, the NDIS SDA Design Standards don't specify a microwave space, but we've successfully implemented it into our kitchen designs - which is compliant and enables our tenants to easily enjoy the use of a microwave in their kitchen.

We partner with SDA Assistive Technology

We have partnered with SDA Assistive Technologies with the goal of delivering assistive technology solutions that:

  • Make day to day activities easier to complete
  • Create a safe and functional home for you
  • Help you monitor and manage your environment
  • Connect you with carers and family
  • Are reliable, robust and innovative
  • Increase your opportunities for independent living

Meet our Projects Team


Tino Carusi

Project Manager

Samuel Laria

Project Coordinator 

Amir Akbari

Design Coordinator

Cristina Reho

Frequently asked questions

For the majority of our properties, we provide parking spaces. These spaces are managed on behalf of the Cooperative, which determines their allocation. Additionally, please note that some of our properties utilise automated car lifts for parking access, so it's essential to confirm that your car's dimensions allow for adequate clearance.


We've made an effort to maximise storage options within your apartment. Moreover, many of our apartments include storage cages located in the underground car parking area for your convenience.

When it comes to SDA housing, we support three distinct SDA design categories:

Improved Liveability Designed for people who have sensory, intellectual, or cognitive impairment. These properties are designed to not only make it easy to manoeuvre through the property, but the doorways, handles, and switches are all clearly visible to allow for seamless access.
Fully Accessible Designed for people with significant physical impairment. Wheelchair users will benefit from this design category as there are no steps in a Fully Accessible home. The doorways are wide, and the bathroom and kitchen are made to be used by people either in a seated or standing position.
High Physical Support This type of SDA home has all the amenities of a Fully Accessible SDA with additional features including provision for hoist if required and a backup UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for important equipment when there is a power outage. Provisioning for AT in this category is more extensive, and you will be able to apply to have voice or remote-controlled doors, lights, and heating. specifically designed to ensure those with significant physical impairments and critical needs can access it effortlessly.

You may wonder why Assistive Technology is necessary. We've designed our apartments to accommodate advanced Assistive Technology, and the extent of customisation depends on your specific requirements. You can secure funding from the NDIA to cover the cost of the technology you need. Assistive Technology encompasses devices (such as iPads or controllers) or systems (like lighting, curtains, and hoists) that offer practical solutions for your daily activities. The NDIA allocates funds for Assistive Technology to promote greater independence and safety, enabling you to perform tasks that might otherwise be challenging or impossible on your own.

We understand that not everyone requires the same level of automation. Therefore, we can tailor each apartment to precisely meet your needs as outlined in your NDIS plan. All our Enliven Housing apartments come equipped with provisions for the following:

  • Home automation
  • Door automation
  • Blind automation
  • Smart lighting
  • Grab rails

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