Community Cooperative

At Enliven Housing, our mission is to empower Australians with disability by providing opportunities for independent living. That's why we've developed the Community Cooperative - an inclusive, modern and forward-thinking housing solution designed so you can get the most from your NDIS core support budget.


What is a Community Cooperative?

Cooperative community is a unique NDIS independent living option. This innovative form of housing is a governance framework that allows members to combine their resources through common equity, optimising their NDIS funding for enhanced support. It's an innovative approach that combines affordable housing with a supportive and inclusive environment, fostering independence and enhancing the quality of life.

Your Enliven Housing apartment is independent of your formal support arrangements. It's not a Supported Independent Living home or a Group Home. Instead, we give you the opportunity to be part of a Community Cooperative.

By being part of the Community Cooperative, you can enjoy the advantages of credit unions and their offerings, fostering a sense of financial well-being and community engagement.


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Advantages of a Community Cooperative


Your Choice of Support Worker

You'll have the opportunity to provide feedback to influence your choice of support worker.


Cost Effective Support

By sharing supports, you can achieve more from your NDIS funding.


Emergency Support Available

In the unlikely event of an emergency, a support worker can be close to hand.


Overnight Support

By sharing supports, you could get overnight monitoring for peace of mind.

Is the Community Cooperative right for you?

Our Community Cooperatives are shaped by the people who live there and reflect their interests, needs and wants. While living in an Enliven Community Cooperative, you need to be able and willing to:

  • Get along well with different people living closely together
  • Truly listen to and respect the opinions, needs, and wishes of all members
  • Take part actively and respectfully in collective decision-making processes
  • Live according to the rules decided collectively by all members
  • Live according to the principles of cooperation

To find out more about our independent living Community Cooperative, check out our Enliven Housing brochure.

Frequently asked questions

Our Community Cooperative model actively encourages and supports people with disabilities to have choice and control over issues that directly affect them.

We offer independent housing with the opportunity to have an Onsite Support Provider. Enliven Housing tenants commit to being members of the Community Cooperative, which operates as a collective for the benefit of everyone.

By sharing onsite support with the Community Cooperative, we make privacy, autonomy and independence more achievable for everyone.

The Community Cooperative operates with a single Onsite Support Provider based at the Hub. In the case of a new building, Enliven Housing selects the initial support provider. However, after the initial term, the Community Cooperative collectively decides on the support provider.

The Cooperative collaborates closely with the Onsite Support Provider to establish the framework for shared support arrangements.

We established the Cooperative to empower individuals to influence the intersection of their housing requirements and support arrangements.

Additionally, the Cooperative may explore collective purchasing, leveraging economies of scale for the benefit of each member. Some examples of potential collective purchases include:

  • Internet services
  • Pharmacy home deliveries
  • Bundling utilities
  • Additional shared support or activities
  • Bulk purchase of groceries

The Hub is the designated apartment within the development where the onsite support staff are stationed.

The Hub is easily accessible through the smart technology in your apartment, via your mobile phone, or by visiting in person.

Enliven Housing enters into a Deed of License with the Onsite Support Provider, granting them permission for the use of the Hub apartment.

The Community Cooperative makes this decision.

Tenants moving into the complex will jointly decide who provides onsite shared support, the extent to which supports will be shared, how they will be shared, and how much each tenant will contribute to the arrangement.

Enliven will support the Cooperative in exploring the options available and in making formal arrangements.

In the case of a new building, Enliven Housing selects the initial Onsite Support Provider. However, after the initial term, the performance of the chosen provider is assessed by the Community Cooperative.

If there are performance shortfalls, efforts are made to address and manage them to ensure an improvement in service delivery.

Should this process prove ineffective, the Community Cooperative has the authority to request Enliven Housing to explore and secure an alternative provider.

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