Privacy and Confidentiality Statement



We often use the terms "privacy' and confidentiality" interchangeably in our everyday lives. However, they mean distinctly different things. Privacy deals with your personal information. Personal Information is information that identifies the person to whom it relates. For example, Name, age, address, credit card details, health information. Health information is any information about a person's health or disability. Health information is sensitive and personal, which is why there are laws to protect your rights to keep your health information private. Privacy of your information is governed by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) Enliven Housing's compliance with the Privacy Act means we:

  • Only collect the personal information we need.
  • Do not keep information that we no longer need.
  • Ensure your information is correct and up to date.
  • Seek your consent to keep your records and if required, to clarify records from other parties you may make known to us.
  • Seek your consent to share information.
  • Store your personal information securely.

So that we do not breach your confidentiality.

Personal information we collect

  • Name, contact details, date of birth, next of kin/guardian.
  • Guardianship order including their function aspect.
  • Centrelink details if you choose.
  • Elements from your NDIS plan such as your participant number, address, goals, support needs, SDA determination and SDA funding.

How we use your information

  • To provide suitable and appropriate housing,
  • To provide tenancy support and related services to sustain your tenancy.
  • To meet duty of care requirements.
  • To keep tenants informed about community and housing related matters.
  • To share relevant information with your consent with support partners.
  • To maintain up to date records.
  • For compliance with Government and other reporting requirements.

How we collect your information

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What agreement will I have to sign?

Enliven Housing collects your personal information:

  • With your consent from Go Nest or The Housing Hub or the NDIS.
  • From you, by phone or email or face to face meeting.
  • From someone you have specified in the "consent to exchange information form." this could include a social worker in a hospital or your support coordinator.
  • From records you give us permission to access or send directly to us.

Where we store your information

Enliven Housing stores your personal information:

  • In hard copy files which are secured in a locked environment.
  • In electronic form on a secured server.

Territorial privacy

The legislation calls your apartment your territory, Enliven Housing respects your privacy within your apartment:

  • We will only give keys out to those you choose (or no-one).
  • We will only come to your home by appointment only.
  • We will only be present if a tradesperson is attending your apartment if you request us to attend.
  • You can invite whoever you wish to visit your apartment.

Other information

Further to Personal Information we explicitly seek, we will come to know each-other as individuals, you may choose to share more information about your circumstances that we have not explicitly sought. This could involve relationships with your family and friends, or financial information, and may include information about your sexuality, sexual health, personal history, ethnicity, previous employment, criminal records, mental health, racial or ethnic origin, memberships of associations, political opinions or education.

Enliven Housing treats this information as private. If any aspects of this indirect sharing with us requires further communication, consideration, filing, discussion, or storage, we will seek your specific consent to do so.

How to gain access to your personal information we hold

Customers have a right on request to access their own personal information held by Enliven. You can request access to your personal information by request, or you can ask us to update your personal information if your circumstances change by contacting using the subject header "Privacy - access request - your family name".

Confidentiality Complaints

All complaints should be addressed to:

the CEO: or 0400 600 139

Changes to our privacy and information handling

Enliven reserves the right to change this policy from time to time.

If this fact sheet is changed, an updated version will be posted on our website.