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At Enliven Housing, nothing is more important than ensuring your long-term livability, which is why we've specifically designed our tenancy management service to effectively work with you and your supports, so you can live your best independent life.

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Enliven Housing's Friendly Landlord Model

Our friendly landlord style of tenancy management sets us apart from other disability housing providers in that we don't try to fit you into a set tenancy system, but rather work with you and your supports to help you achieve all your independent living goals.


Person-centred service delivery (supported decision-making)

It's clear to us that every tenant is unique and we pride ourselves on adjusting our service delivery to meet your needs in a supported decision-making approach. To ensure this, you'll always be dealing with a designated specialist SDA Tenancy Officer who is accessible and has expertise in SDA apartments in your region.

  • Upon signing a lease, we provide a personal induction of your new property.
  • We provide you with induction cookware including saucepans to make your transition to your new home easier.
  • For new properties, our Tenancy team is on-site for the first two weeks you move in to assist you with your move, answer any questions you may have and be on-hand to personally resolve any issues.

Sustaining tenancies program

For on-going tenancies, our sustaining tenancies model uses complex tenancy management to prioritise early identification of tenant issues or concerns. This is to ensure that our Tenancy Officers know best how to work with you and your supports to ensure swift and effective resolutions wherever possible.


Customer service visits (co-design)

Our customer service visits are the perfect forum for you to communicate any feedback on how your home is suiting your needs and whether there are any concerns at all regarding safety/security. They're non-intrusive and can happen outside of the home at your own discretion.


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Jennifer's SDA journey


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Kaitlyn's SDA journey

How we handle Repairs and Maintenance

Our apartments are built to the highest SDA standards, but like all homes, general maintenance and repairs may be needed from time to time and when it does, we're on top of it.


Let us know about the issue

Contact us via phone or email once you're aware of the issue.


We'll investigate

We'll work quickly to assess the issue and if necessary contact an insured and qualified tradesperson.


We'll get it fixed

If necessary, we'll work around your schedule to have the issue fixed.

Meet our Tenancy Team

National Tenancy Manager

Keelin Owen-Taylor

Tenancy and Property Officer NSW and ACT

Muireann Byrne

Tenancy and Property Officer

Leanne Egan

Tenancy Team Leader

Tara Slater

Frequently asked questions

With Enliven Housing, you have the opportunity to be part of a cooperative. As a tenant, you can actively participate in selecting your Shared Onsite Support Provider through an expression of interest process. This way, you can have a say in who provides support to you while being a part of our vibrant cooperative community.

The separation of these two functions offers you the freedom to choose where you want to live and who provides the support for your daily living needs. If you have concerns related to either your housing provider or your support provider, rest assured that raising these concerns will not impact the delivery of the other support.

Enliven Housing specialises in housing and tenancy services exclusively, not personal support. We collaborate closely with our tenants and their chosen support providers to ensure the achievement of stable housing, effective support arrangements, and an improved quality of life.

Our tenancy model at Enliven Housing entails tenants becoming members of a Cooperative, and actively engaging with the Onsite Support Provider.

The Support Hub is an apartment within the development where the Onsite Support staff are based. You can access the Hub through smart technology in your apartment, on your mobile phone, or by visiting in person. Enliven Housing enters into a Deed of License with the Onsite Support provider for their use of the Hub apartment.

Your rent will be 25% of the basic Disability Support Pension (or equivalent for those who do not receive Disability Support Pension) plus 25% of your Pension Supplement and 100% of your Commonwealth Rental Assistance entitlement.

Enliven Housing is 100% pet-friendly; however, this is subject to Strata Committee rules and approval. Each of our apartment complexes will have its own by-laws governing pets.

To have a pet in your apartment, you will need approval from both Enliven Housing and the Strata Committee. Companion pets fall under Companion Pet Legislation in your state.

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