Muireann Byrne

Tenancy and Property Officer NSW and ACT




“My professional approach revolves around tenant transparency – ensuring that every tenant is always well informed or feel comfortable enough to approach me with any concern. This is what I consider to be a healthy Tenancy Officer/tenant relationship and what I strive to achieve with every tenant.”

Job satisfaction is important to me and I consider myself lucky to work in a role that is diverse in nature but also extremely rewarding. No matter how challenging a day can be, knowing that helping to make it easier for our tenants to achieve their independent living goals, always makes the hard work worth it.

Career highlight:

I'm still starting out in my career, but I would say getting the job at Enliven Housing has been a career highlight. I feel extremely lucky to work for an organisation that is so passionate about the work that they do.

Outside of work:

I could spend hours watching documentaries and listening to podcasts about any bizarre topic that interests me, like historical events and social experiments. I also enjoy painting, drawing and anything creative.

What super-power would you want?

Time travel. I'd spend all of my time switching between centuries. I'd love to go to the 1920s particularly - I love the extravagant clothes and lifestyle back then.



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