Belinda Forrester

SDA Journey Coordinator

Engagement and Transition



“I love sharing new information and resources with the team, so we can incorporate best practices and new learnings into our processes. Any decision I make that impacts a tenant is underpinned by respect and empathy.”

I feel very strongly about everyone’s human right to live with independence and dignity. I also have lived experience with loved ones with disability, and so I understand how important it is to have access to safe and quality housing.

As an SDA Journey Coordinator, I work closely with participants and their support coordinators or family members to ultimately ensure that they move-in to their new home and in doing so, they are safe and supported. I also handle our Appeals Program and it’s so incredibly satisfying to be a part of a participant’s win at the Administrative Appeals Trubunal where the NDIA has agreed to give them the funding to live alone as they choose.

Career highlight:

Being a part of the Enliven Housing Project Team implementing new software, which will allow us to communicate more effectively with tenants, streamline our tenancy management and improve repairs and maintenance timelines.

Outside of work:

I love to spend time with my family and watch sitcoms (I consider myself a connoisseur).

What super-power would you want?

To fly. I could visit places anywhere in the world without having to book flights.


  • UG Certificate in Business
  • Diploma of Library and Information Services

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