Claire Ratti

Strategic Consultant

Enliven Housing



“I’ve always had a very meticulous approach to work because I’m a firm believer that in order to set up efficient processes for long-term success, you need to master the task at hand. This is the approach I’ve brought to Enliven Housing.”

After 15 years working in a different field, I had a strong desire to work in a role where I could positively impact the community. Working at Enliven Housing has been so fulfilling as I get the opportunity to use my skills and experience to assist more Australians with disability find the independent housing solution they’re searching for.

I love that I’ve been part of Enliven Housing from the start, and it’s been so incredibly rewarding to see us grow into the lively organisation we are today without compromising our core values.

Career highlight:

The opportunity to work in Paris, London and now in Sydney.

Outside of work:

Hosting diners with friends – I’m a very social creature. And I love planning my travels.

What super-power would you want?

The ability to stop time in order to really appreciate a special moment. I’m really inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote: “Tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, this is why it is called the Present.”



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