Keelin Owen-Taylor

National Tenancy Manager




“For me, an exceptional housing provider will always prioritise the tenant relationship above all else. This is the approach I take and encourage my team to take to ultimately ensure that our tenants are not only satisfied, but are in the best possible position to achieve all their independent living goals.”

When I was 19, I had the opportunity to work for a large homelessness organisation in Dublin, Ireland. During this experience, I was able to work across the organisation from assisting with soup kitchens during an Irish winter to fundraising at head office. My eyes were opened – I could see the necessity for housing as a basic human need, and it has driven me in my career ever since.

Our Friendly Landlord approach to Tenancy Management at Enliven Housing really sums up the organisation’s tenant-centric philosophy. I love the fact that the tenant is always at the heart of everything we do, and my team and I are proud to assist wherever we can.

Career highlight:

Being nominated for the Powerhousing Rising Star Award 2018. I was able to connect with my peers from all over Australia and share our goals and ideas for the future of housing. It was career-defining.

Outside of work:

Reading, practicing guitar, painting, spending time with my family and... some more reading.

What super-power would you want?

I would love to fly! I think it would be the most freeing feeling being up in the clouds. Plus, I could go anywhere in the world whenever I wanted to, including seeing my family in Ireland.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Relations)
  • CIH Certificate IV

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