Patrice Evans

Relationships and Inclusion Manager
Photo of our Relationships and Inclusion Manager | SDA Housing Specialist




“I truly thrive in a team environment because my strengths are my communications skills and helping bring a talented group of people together. I do everything I can to ensure our talented staff have all the necessary information they need to perform at their best.”

I have worked in the disability sector for many years. My motivation for working in this field is to influence or achieve greater access to services for people with disability and to ensure they have greater control and say about what happens to them in their lives.

What I love about working at Enliven Housing is the culture. Each and every staff member is so committed to ensuring our tenants are always listened to. Everyone is striving for the same outcome and it’s very inspiring.

Career highlight:

One of my greatest achievements was working on the pilot of direct payments for people with disabilities in Victoria. This involved spending many Saturdays working with people with disabilities and their families to develop the policy framework for the pilot. Ultimately, this pilot was a success and it led to Victorians being able to manage their own packages and employ people directly to support them.

Outside of work:

I really enjoy taking a dip at Port Phillip Bay each day, all year round. It’s certainly chilly in winter but it gets you going.

What super-power would you want?

To have a crystal ball and be able to see what’s coming. I like to know what’s about to happen.


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Diploma of Community Studies

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