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Christmas party at Sans Souci with CIVIC

Published - 12/23/2020
Author - Enliven Housing


What a year we have had as a young organisation. How excited it was today to hold our first Enliven Housing Christmas party with my staff, Civic and all our participants in Sans Souci. The Christmas Party was held on one of our two rooftop terraces in Sans Souci, we were blessed with wonderful warm sunny weather. Today’s Civic/Enliven Housing Christmas Party was a group effort. I was asked and organised the meat and was on BBQ duties for the lunch, the pressure of getting everything cooked just right for everyone was challenging on the new BBQ. Jo from Civic and the whole team prepared a wonderful potato salad, fried rice, fruit salads for desert and drinks for everyone. Enliven Marketing team had a great idea to order some custom made cupcakes with our little ‘I’ logo, these were especially good and I personally tried every flavour more than once…….they were mini cupcakes!

It was a good opportunity for the tenants to meet one another as some had only moved in over the past 6-8 weeks so everyone was still familiarising themselves to their neighbours, location and building.

I personally enjoyed the today because after the BBQ I was able to take a breath and talk to some of the families, sit and relax and reflect on the past 6 months of work associated with our inaugural SDA project in Sans Souci, it felt like a blur.

Looking forward to some holidays with family and friends now before we enter 2021.


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