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I and its attributes

Published - 08/26/2021
Author - Enliven Housing


Everything started with this poem from Adrian Kennedy [Hands off, it’s my Home], it was one of the first pieces of paper the team stuck on the wall at Enliven Housing. This was also when there were two staff in the office, Faye and Tino. It encapsulated the philosophy of Enliven Housing, “Putting the tenant first”.

The team at Enliven Housing believed that Enliven’s true meaning was to cheer (someone) up, and by providing participants with choice and control this was the very core of Enliven.  Translating visually with the power of “I” the team believed there were so many small “I “life decisions that most Australians take for granted such as:

I want to open my door.

I want to be able to invite a friend to stay over.

I want to open my blinds.

I want to be part of my community.

As a team, it was a collaborative effort to remind ourselves every single day that what we do, we do for our tenants.

We want it as Independent, Innovative, Individual, and Intelligible, but also Empathetic and Encouraging. We love our “I” and we wish to see our tenants having their best “I” moments in the comfort of their homes.

I don’t have a Rota blue-tacked to my wall,

I don’t expect to find one anywhere at all,

If the telephone is ringing, I pick up to see who calls,

I don’t have great big posters about slips and trips and falls.

I decide what happens, when I go to bed, or eat,

I decide who enters in, which people I will greet,

I decide on furniture, which bed, which bath, which seat,

I decide the temperature and when to turn up heat.

All the things around my house, they all belong to me,

I don’t have strangers coming in changing channels on TV,

All the post I get is opened by the addressee,

I have dominion in my castle, I have privacy.

I don’t use my home for meetings, training or interviews,

The colours in my carpet are my favourite chosen hues,

All records kept about me are accurate and true,

And if I really want to I will own 100 shoes!

I will make my choices; I will make my own decisions,

And any plan I make contains my own wishes and visions,

Any person in my home is only here by my permission,

No office do I have here, no rules and no restrictions.

I decide who to employ to a vacant situation,

I decide on where to store my medication,

I have the right to keep my Mother out of my accommodation,

And I don’t need a weekly fire evacuation.

No risk assessment stops me from trying something new,

I make my own mind up about everything I do,

When I need support I will let you know if it is you,

Hands off! It’s my home! Or Sam Sly and I will sue. Hands off, it’s My Home is a poem by Adrian Kennedy,


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