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SDA – The Crossroads Where Housing and Support meets Choice and Control

Published - 08/15/2020
Author - Enliven Housing


On the 9th of August, Enliven Housing took part in the SDA Insight Expo, hosted by the Advance Rehab Center (ARC), who, by the way, is an amazing organisation. Shout out to Jo-Anne Bennett for having the vision and commitment to create this virtual expo, focused on all aspects of SDA. There were 30 speakers who provided a perspective from SDA 101 right through to a Masters of SDA.

Our CEO, Faye Minty was one of the presenters, and she gave a presentation entitled “SDA the Crossroad – Where Housing and Support meet Choice and Control”. We had a lot of fun making this video and if you didn’t get the chance to catch it at the expo, here it is for your viewing pleasure.



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