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Transforming lives with Assistive Technology

Published - 07/11/2023
Author - Enliven Housing


Amir’s journey as a Cadet Project Coordinator

I’m a Cadet Project Coordinator working for Specialist Disability Accomodation (SDA) Assistive Technologies, and I’m in the fortunate position to positively impact a person’s life every day. Currently, I balance my work with my studies (Western Sydney University’s Construction Management (Honours) program. As a Cadet Project Coordinator, my role is to work very closely with Enliven Housing to facilitate the supply and installation of all Assistive Technology items within the SDA apartments. I ensure that Enliven Housing’s tenants are living in a safe, practical, and comfortable environment.

Collaborating for accessibility

Working in the SDA sector has been an immensely rewarding journey, allowing me to witness firsthand the positive impact it has on the lives of individuals with disabilities. A significant aspect of my role involves collaborating with builders, contractors, and occupational therapists. We work together to create accessible apartments that cater to the unique needs and requirements of our tenants. Through careful design considerations, such as wheelchair ramps, widened doorways, adjustable benchtops, assistive technology, and grab rails in bathrooms, we ensure our tenants can move freely and independently within their living spaces.

Engaging with tenants and professionals

My role enables me to engage with our tenants, occupational therapists and contractors, fostering positive relationships and creating memorable experiences throughout the Assistive Technology journey. Prioritizing our tenants’ safety, comfort and independence is paramount. To achieve this, I closely collaborate with occupational therapists to identify specific assistive technologies and home modifications that cater to the individual requirements of each tenant. By working hand-in-hand with occupational therapists and builders, we can create an inclusive living environment that promotes accessibility and enhances the overall quality of life for our tenants.

Tailored solutions for individual needs

A crucial step in ensuring a seamless and effective transition for our tenants is consulting with their occupational therapist before they move-in. This collaboration allows me to gain valuable insights into their specific needs and preferences. By taking the time to understand their requirements, we can select and implement appropriate Assistive Technologies and home modifications, creating a safe and comfortable living environment tailored to their needs.

Facilitating independent living

Among the key areas of focus before a tenant moves in is the automation of entry doors. We acknowledge that individuals with mobility limitations may find the process of opening and closing doors challenging. To enhance their independence and mobility, we automate the entry doors, eliminating the physical exertion required and providing a convenient and accessible solution. Additionally, the installation of grab rails is essential to ensure stability and support. Based on the tenant’s needs, grab rails may be placed in various areas of the home, minimising the risk of falls and boosting their confidence and independence. I collaborate with occupational therapists to conduct comprehensive walkthroughs, assessing specific needs and developing detailed location diagrams and specifications. With their recommendations, I initiate the installation of necessary modifications like grab rails.

Going above and beyond

While automating entry doors and installing grab rails serve as minimum requirements, we go above and beyond to consider additional Assistive Technologies and modifications based on each tenant’s needs. This includes features like the Alexa Home Automation System, automated blinds, smart lighting, and A/C automation.

To comprehensively understand the tenant’s requirements, we utilise our ‘AT Matrix’, a collaborative tool with occupational therapists indicating ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for each item. This valuable input enables me to generate accurate quotes using MYOB, which the occupational therapist includes in their report for approval. By embracing this process, we ensure transparency and precision in assessing the Assistive Technologies required for the tenant’s well-being and comfort.

The Enliven Housing difference

Working for Enliven Housing is an incredibly fulfilling experience. Enliven Housing plays a crucial role in promoting inclusivity and independence as an organisation, dedicated to providing safe and comfortable living environments for people with disabilities. Enliven Housing prioritises accessibility, communication, productivity, and independence through the seamless integration of Assistive Technology. By embracing the power of assistive technology, Enliven Housing creates an environment where tenants can thrive, contribute, feel empowered, and valued.

Hopefully this article has been helpful to you. If you’d like to know more about our Assistive Technology or general information regarding our properties, call 1300 365 483 and have a conversation with one of our SDA housing specialists.


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