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Behind the scenes in Thornleigh with Judy

Published - 04/24/2021
Author - Enliven Housing

Exterior shot of our specialist disability accommodation in Thornleigh, The Dalton, NSW

Today Judy, Janet, Erin and the Visual Domain team were on location filming one of the Enliven Community Cooperative suburb profiles for a video to promote the Enliven Housing Thornleigh SDA project due for completion early 2022. Judy who is an amazing Enliven tenant, Janet and the camera-crew ripped through the shopping centre – after a brief trip to the moon Judy and Janet crashed back to Earth, landing in Thornleigh shopping centre in their trusty NASA shuttle.

I say ripped through the shopping centre because Judy is a demon on wheels, but our camera operator was on a Segway™ and both turned a few heads in the shopping centre whilst filming. The camera operator would not loan Judy his Segway™ thankfully, although Janet certainly tried to persuade him.

It was great fun for the team and tenant exploring a new suburb and development, visiting new village shopping centres and meeting various businesses owners along the way. The local barista certainly knows Enliven Housing now after a long day of shooting, there were perhaps a few too many coffees consumed during the shoot.

Thornleigh is a beautiful old established suburb with lots of big old houses with very big gardens – the bird noise was deafening. The streets were very quiet, and it was a little piece of suburbia away from the hustle of the city.

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