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Jennifer’s SDA Journey

Jennifer’s life took a surprising turn over 35 years ago when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Her challenges…

Kaitlyn’s SDA Journey

No one should ever feel as though they’re trapped by their living environment or forced to live in a place…

Matt’s SDA journey

Life is an adventure, and the freedom to navigate our own journey is something we all deserve. However, for Matt,…

Marmite visits Belfield

A day filled with cuddles, belly rubs, and tail wagging.

My Stories: Marissa’s Moving Experience

“They (Enliven Housing) actually see us, I think that is the point. They see us as humans, they see us for what we need.” – Marissa

Fire Safety visit with Kayla at Penrith

Fire + Rescue NSW have a Community Outreach Program, so we took advantage of them to come and speak to our tenants at Penrith about what “sheltering in place” looks like and how Fire + Rescue would rescue tenants if the situation required.


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