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Jennifer’s SDA Journey

Published - 01/15/2024
Author - Enliven Housing

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Jennifer’s life took a surprising turn over 35 years ago when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Her challenges led to the realisation that her current living situation didn’t align with her needs, as it was inaccessible.

With a desire for independent living, she discovered Enliven Housing while exploring SDA providers. Accompanied by her little dog, Chico, she remarked, “Enliven just makes things as easy as possible for moving in, and my entire experience with them has been positive. Everything about Enliven has suited me very well.”

Enliven Housing facilitated a seamless transition to a living space that felt uniquely hers. Enliven Housing’s commitment made independent living not just a reality, but an enriching experience.

“I told my friends (about Enliven Housing, saying I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven. That’s how I felt; it was going to be so marvellous and just what I needed.”


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