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Matt’s SDA journey

Published - 11/15/2023
Author - Enliven Housing

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Life is an adventure, and the freedom to navigate our own journey is something we all deserve. However, for Matt, an unexpected twist altered his course – a life-changing accident introduced unforeseen challenges.

Matt, with a passion for the outdoors, found himself in a less-than-ideal living situation after the accident, losing the independence he valued. The desire for a space that truly felt his own, with a setup tailored to his needs, became a necessity.

Enliven Housing was the turning point in Matt’s story. Their unique approach instantly resonated with him. The ability to choose where he wanted to live and set it up just the way he desired, brought back his sense of independence.

Enliven Housing goes beyond the norm – they place their tenants at the heart of their decision-making process. And working closely with them, Matt was able to enter a productive partnership with an organisation that truly values choice and control.

“I felt empowered because of the fact that I could have the option to look at different apartments at different locations. When I contacted Enliven and had those original discussions, being given two or three options was fantastic in the way that I’m a part of choosing where I wish to build my new life from the ground up. The fact that you can actually have a bit of a say as far as where you want to live – It really is great.”

If you or someone you know is looking for Specialist Disability Accommodation, contact Enliven Housing below and have a conversation with one of our SDA specialists.


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