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Empowering Independence: Matt’s Path to SDA Housing with Enliven

Published - 11/15/2023
Author - Enliven Housing

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Life is an adventure, and the freedom to navigate your own journey is something we all deserve.

For Matt, that was once his reality. Running his own audio and media production business, he thrived on the freedom to travel, camp, and even paraglide. But then, life as he knew it changed.

“I used to be an outdoors person life was quite great” Matt reflects, “but unfortunately, when that accident happened, it changed everything.”

Returning to the family home as an adult wasn’t how Matt saw his future going. Following the accident, Matt felt as though he had lost his independence.

“Sometimes when you got some roadblocks in your life, it kind of does change how you interact with the world,” he explains. “You want to get back to your life, back to dating, back to having your own kitchen, your own setup.”

During a routine shopping trip, an advertisement for Enliven Housing caught Matt’s eye. Enliven Housing’s model puts tenants at the heart of decision-making. The ability for Matt to choose where he wanted to live and set it up just the way he wanted, gave Matt back his sense of independence.

“I could have the option to look at different apartments at different locations. When I contacted Enliven and had those original discussions, being given two or three options was fantastic in the way that I’m a part of choosing where I wish to build my new life from the ground up. The fact that you can actually have a bit of a say as far as where you want to live – It really is great.”

Enliven’s commitment to providing quality living options is more than just accommodation – it’s about empowerment and involving tenants in their housing journey.

“Enliven embodies self-empowerment,” Matt emphasises. Through this collaboration and initiatives like the Community Cooperative, individuals like Matt aren’t just moving house; they’re rebuilding lives on their own terms.

If you or someone you know is looking for Specialist Disability Accommodation, contact Enliven Housing below and one of SDA specialists will reach out to assist you as soon as possible.


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