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The Power of Choice: Kaitlyn’s SDA Housing Journey

Published - 12/15/2023
Author - Enliven Housing

Kaitlyn's SDA Journey

No one should ever feel as though they’re trapped by their living environment or forced to live in a place where they clearly don’t fit in. For years, Kaitlyn experienced this reality, living in a nursing home and respite centre despite being in her twenties.

“Since Enliven Housing I’ve become much more independent with home skills and being able to go out” says Kaitlyn. “My original housing and didn’t suit my needs” explains Kaitlyn, “it was depressing because I couldn’t be independent the way I wanted to be.”

Determined for a change, Kaitlyn began to look into Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and came across Enliven Housing. After a quick and easy chat with one of our SDA specialists to assess her eligibility, she was on her way to her new home.

“What I love about dealing with Enliven Housing is that they treat you like a regular person. They help you find housing best suited to your disability, but they treat you like everyone else” Kaitlyn said.  

Kaitlyn’s transition was smooth, settling into an apartment designed specifically to support her individual needs. With the guidance of Enliven Housing, Kaitlyn was able to regain her independence and live the life she wanted to.

Now, Kaitlyn enjoys the freedom to come and go as she pleases without restrictions or curfews. Additionally, Enliven Housing’s pet-friendly policy allows her to live with her beloved Golden Retriever Assistance Dog, Daisy.

“It’s like a regular life that everyone else has. I would definitely recommend Enliven Housing. I’ve had an amazing experience with them,” said Kaitlyn.

Enlivening Housing ensures eligible tenants are supported throughout the whole SDA process. From the point of enquiry to the moment you receive the keys to your new apartment, we’re here to help.  

If you or someone you know is looking for Specialist Disability Accommodation, contact Enliven Housing below and one of SDA specialists will reach out to assist you as soon as possible.


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