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Kaitlyn’s SDA Journey

Published - 12/15/2023
Author - Enliven Housing

Kaitlyn's SDA Journey

No one should ever feel as though they’re trapped by their living environment or forced to live in a place where they clearly don’t fit in. Unfortunately, this was the reality for young Kaitlyn who spent years living in a nursing home and respite centre despite being in her twenties.  

Kaitlyn, who has a vibrant personality, never felt like herself in this situation as she barely had any chance to interact with anyone her age socially and was given no real chance to gain the independence that she craved, which took its toll on her mental health.  

This drive to want more out of her living situation prompted her to look into her options and fortunately, she came across Enliven Housing and their unique independent living model for Australians with disability. Enliven Housing’s SDA specialists were able to guide Kaitlyn through the SDA process from the point of enquiry to the moment she received the keys to her new apartment.  

Kaitlyn’s move was seamless, and her new apartment is specifically tailored to her needs to best enable her to live the independent life she had always hoped for. She no longer has restrictions around when and where she could go or be limited by a curfew, and because of Enliven Housing’s pet-friendly apartments, she can freely live with her beautiful Golden Retriever Assistance Dog, Daisy.

“What I love about dealing with Enliven Housing is that they treat you like a regular person. They help you find housing best suited to your disability, but they treat you like everyone else – and I love that. My experience with them has been truly amazing,” Kaitlyn said.  

If you or someone you know is looking for Specialist Disability Accommodation, contact Enliven Housing below and have a conversation with one of our SDA specialists.


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