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My Stories: Marissa’s Moving Experience

Published - 04/06/2022
Author - Enliven Housing


After more than two years from when our first tenants moved into an Enliven Housing property, we have been fortunate to receive so many emails of appreciation from our tenants and their families. We know that getting Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding takes time and effort, but there are some incredible outcomes achieved. The Enliven Housing Team is happy to walk alongside you on this journey; you are not alone. We have walked on this path many times before – there are more than 50 participants who have found independency into an Enliven Housing property.

To keep you inspired along this journey, the team will share the success stories of our tenants by introducing a series of “My Stories”. It is a place where you will find real-life SDA and housing experiences told from the perspective of our tenants or their families. It is a space where our tenants will be sharing their stories, their journey with us, what challenges were encountered, and what lessons were learned.

In our first video, our tenants, Stuart and Marissa, talk about what moving into an SDA apartment feels like and how important it is to be able to live on your own. Marissa also shares her Enliven Housing experience, how she was treated by the team, and what it is like having the independence that she deeply desired.


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